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Our Know How

actiro's DNA is rooted in the development, design and manufacture of fans. Our range includes all radial fan geometries up to a diameter of 900 mm. By deploying various technologies, we are able to offer you economic solutions for small batches through to large-scale production.

» Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


What we offer:

Our range

Medium- to high-pressure impellers

These impellers have a ratio of 0.15 to 0.5 between the intake opening diameter and the external diameter, depending on the flow rate and pressure. The angle of the blades determines the total pressure and the static pressure ratio for a given external diameter and revolution speed.
Medium- and high-pressure impellers usually have backward curved blades. There are designs with flat or drawn cover plates.


Drawn cover plate

Drawn cover plate

usually more aerodynamically efficient
Coplanar cover plate

Coplanar cover plate

lower tooling costs


CYLINDRICAL ROTOR FANS (low-pressure impeller)

Cylindrical rotor fans are ideal for high-volume flow rates, with revolutions of up to 7,000 min-1. The ratio of inflow to outflow is the lowest, at around 0.7 to 0.95.


Forward-curved (counterclockwise)


higher dynamic pressure ratio and maximum total pressure


lower total pressure, but high static pressure ratio and higher efficiency


Special impeller

Special solution for your application



Special impeller with centrifugal disc

e.g., scrubber
Special impeller with drawn centrifugal disc




The material is selected depending on the intended use of the fan. The selection depends on the medium being transported, the temperature and particles in the service air. Aluminum, steel alloys, stainless steel and ceramic coatings are ideally suited.



Joining technology

Welding – for steel


for steel
Peening – for aluminum and very high revolutions


for aluminum and very high revolutions
Lock forming – for aluminum, stainless steel and steel alloys

Lock forming

for aluminum, stainless steel and steel alloys


Shaft seating

Axially clamped

Axially clamped

This is the most precise seating, but the shaft must have a shoulder and a thread for assembly.
Hub seating

Hub seating

Here, there is freedom of design for fixing the fan to the shaft (e.g., fitting key, tapered joint, screw clamp, press fit, etc.).