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Our Know How

Thanks to many years of experience in development and production, actiro is able to offer its customers comprehensive solutions in the field of transporting gaseous media. We are very successful as a service provider and supplier for numerous major international corporations and medium-sized enterprises..

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We are your OEM service provider

As a specialist in flow technology for gaseous media, actiro develops and manufactures OEM products for various major companies. Industries we work with include safety engineering, machine construction, medical technology and environmental protection. Our customers benefit from our expertise in building electric motors and designing blowers. In addition to blowers, actiro also develops and manufactures system solutions with integrated blowers.

Our services:


These high-performance blowers are based on SR technology developed by actiro. The SR motors are brushless, which makes them perfect for operation at higher revolutions.

The rotor has no winding or working magnets, which could be displaced or damaged at higher centrifugal forces and temperatures. The rotor pack is made of laminated electrical sheets and is extremely load resistant and stable in position. Rotor imbalances do not increase over the operating life.

The SR motor from actiro has a patented special feature: an adjustable air gap between the stator and the rotor. This results in better motor performance, as the rotor is very well centered.


LV Blower

LV Blower

12-48V low voltage
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Special solutions

Special solutions

e.g., blowers for hybrid thermal collectors


We develop complete devices and systems for different applications on behalf of our customers, especially when they need blowers or ventilation solutions. These include, for example, filter applications, fogging devices, gas burners and injection turbines. The services offered range from blower design and manufacture to the overall design of the unit, including the electronic control system, to testing and overall assembly for series production.

Simply contact us about your planned application.


Development and manufacturing examples::

Device for cold fogging

Device for
cold fogging

surface disinfection
Example: Huwa San Fogger
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Preheating device for rail welding

Preheating device for rail welding

gas burner with blower
Example: Smartweld Jet
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Blowing turbine

Blowing turbine for cellulose insulation

multistage centrifugal blower
Example: ISOCELL blowing turbine

Engineering services

Design and system solutions for blower applications (smart services)

Based on our experience in the blower sector, we offer the design and calculation of blowers and blower applications for our customers. These can be individual fans or complete devices, including control. We at actiro can also handle control and networking within the application, as we have already successfully implemented several projects in this area. After development, production can also take place at actiro if required. We have various production technologies available for this purpose.


Customized development and optimization of individual components and system solutions for motor blower units:


Measurement and evaluation: